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WordpressFolio | July 26, 2017

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Multipurpose Archives - WordpressFolio

Multipurpose WordPress themes are WP themes which are modern with diverse designs and have a ton of features not specific to one genre of website themes and they can be used for more than one type for website. If you are looking for a multipurpose theme which blends design, features and plugins from different categories of themes into one then this is the best place to find one and read about it. Or if you can’t find something in any specific category and want a theme to surprise you then you may have luck in this section. Some of these themes merge news, blogs and magazine together. Some combine portfolio, blogs with corporate or e-shopping. Some mix together health and beauty that can also be used for retail or any standard website. You can find all sorts of mash-ups of different categories here.

Aplus – Multipurpose WordPress Shop Theme

Alpus is a beautiful WordPress theme for multipurposes. It has a simple, clean and attractive design. It is WooCommerce compatible so you can use it to make your online shop. It can be used for any company, business, portfolio or blog websites. The layout of the theme is quick to adapt to changes, it should be able to fit different devices nicely. Read More

Theseus – A Truly Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Theseus – “A WordPress Theme Like No Other” is the official punch line of this theme by the authors. It is a bold statement but is it true or is it nearer to the truth or just an advertising punch line. In its entirety, it is obvious that it couldn’t be true. It is a great WordPress theme by the way and has a lot of features, visual appeal and page templates to work for various websites. It is a nice looking responsive multipurpose WordPress theme with retina ready graphics. Read More

NoXilie – 3-in-1 Minimalistic WordPress Multipurpose Theme

Noxilie is a 3-in-1 High quality WordPress theme. You get three different styles of WordPress themes in a single package. All three theme styles exhibits the same qualities of minimal content and clean layouts. Noxilie is ready for being deployed as business website, corporate website, portfolio websites or agency website. It features a fully responsive design able to adapt on commonly used desktop and mobile devices. Read More

Rufio – 2 in 1 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Rufio is a beautiful and colorful WordPress theme which can serve a lot of purposes. It can be used to make many types of websites. It is called 2-in-1 because it can be used as a multi-page website or single page website. It is a responsive WordPress theme and it has differnet page templates. It is WordPress theme primarily for portfolio websites. It can work for many businesses as single page website or multipage. Read More

Jumpstreet – Modern WordPress Theme

Jumpstreet is a modern WordPress theme for modern business websites. The Jumpstreet has very good features and this theme can be used for different websites for different businesses and professionals. The theme has a adaptive design for mobile devices. Jumpstreet is a flexible theme with a flexible design and flexible homepage. Read More

ReBrand – Multipurpose Theme

ReBrand is a premium high quality theme with a lots of features. ReBrand is a theme that has a clean layout which can be adopted to be used different kind of websites. It has so may features and design so that you can has the freedom and tools to make the website you want. Read More